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Top 5 Reasons We Chose KIPP for High School

After starting their twin daughters at KIPP in eighth grade, Elton Collins and Rachel Easley decided to enroll them both at KIPP Antioch Global High School. It was not a decision they took lightly, but after seeing their older daughter go through a non-charter experience, they wanted to try something different. Their daughters, Morgan and Madison are part of Global’s founding ninth grade class.

Here are their top five reasons for choosing KIPP!

1. Small class size and structure.

Having fewer students, and only having a ninth grade this year has helped our daughters come a long way and make the transition into high school. There is definitely an expectation that all students learn and will participate, and they create an environment where students are encouraged to do so. Being a new high school, they are still building out sports and extracurriculars, but once you get past that, they’re providing an excellent education. 

2. College focus.

There aren’t many people in our family who have gone to college, so that’s on their minds. We’ve talked with our daughters about other options after high school besides college, but it’s great knowing college is an option that they can choose for themselves. The way they lay things out at KIPP, we know they’re going to be there to help and show you the way. I think that’s a very good thing. There’s so much that goes into applying for college and sometimes people don’t have the information. So, just having the information is key. Then you can decide and you can know.

3. Positive staff relationships.

It’s been more open with communication than any other school we’ve been at. Usually you’re waiting for a parent/teacher conference, but here you’re hearing from teachers almost every day about how your child is doing. You’re getting personalized updates about your child and reminders about things that are coming up. By the time I pick them up, I’ve usually already gotten a heads up about what’s going on or what we need to work on. 

4. High expectations.

Our daughters are getting pushed academically, and we don’t want them to get just pushed through. They have so much potential. We wanted to make sure if they’re not up to par, then let’s see what we have to do to get them there. KIPP has high standards and holds students accountable. You can see that the teachers want to see the children thrive, not just graduate.

5. Social emotional development.

Our daughters have had the opportunity to develop friendships with the other students. They’re slowly gravitating to being more open and also being more separated, because being twins sometimes you stay together on things. The school has really created a supportive environment for them each to thrive as individuals.