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KIPP Antioch Global High School Opens August 2023

KIPP Antioch Global High School will open in August 2023 with a founding 9th-grade class! We will keep adding new grades each year until the high school educates grades 9-12. With this addition, KIPP will complete a kindergarten through 12th-grade pathway for families in South Nashville. Our school will be located inside the former Macy’s building at Global Mall, and we are excited to be a part of this vibrant community hub.


About KIPP Antioch Global High School

KIPP Antioch Global High School (KAGHS) is a free, open-enrollment public charter school located in South Nashville that will grow to educate students in grades 9-12. KAGHS is open to all students who are residents of Davidson County.

At KIPP Antioch Global High School, we believe that every student should be cognitively challenged across all subject areas, every day, in preparation for competitive post-secondary opportunities of their choosing. That our students will form long-lasting, trusting relationships with peers and staff, love their school and deeply feel that they belong to a community rooting for their growth and goal. And that our students will leave prepared to use their talents to challenge and change our world.


opening in 2023

9, growing to 9-12

College and Career Prep Through KIPP Forward

Our high school provides one-of-a-kind support during high school and after graduation through KIPP Forward. This program supports students in high school to choose the best career path that aligns with their interests, talents and strengths. Then, KIPP Forward stays with our alumni after graduation until they graduate from college or are settled in their career.

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