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Top 5 Reasons We Chose KIPP for Elementary School

When it came time to consider where to enroll their daughter Tyson in elementary school, Tiara and James Nesbitt did their own research and visited multiple options. Tyson is now in kindergarten at KIPP Nashville College Prep Elementary School. Here are their top five reasons for choosing KIPP!

  1. Fostering and developing a sense of self.

    Tyson with her parents, Tiara and James.

We were looking for a school that not only helped Tyson grow academically, but also built her confidence and sense of self. Representation was also important to us. We wanted to make sure Tyson saw teachers, staff, and administrators that looked like her.

  1. Partnership with the school. 

We love the connection that we have with the teachers and staff – we know that together, we’re partners to help Tyson grow and learn. They’re always accessible, communicative, and more than willing to help however needed. The staff is always warm and friendly. If we ever have any questions they are more than happy to answer, and we appreciate being able to have direct access to her teachers. 

  1. Affirming her unique identity. 

After touring our neighborhood school and KNCPE, we ultimately chose KNCPE because we felt it was a place where our daughter would be free to be herself and be reaffirmed in her whole identity.

  1. Social emotional learning.

Tyson is doing very well in kindergarten. She enjoys learning and comes home with a new story every day. Aside from academics, Tyson has really blossomed socially and it’s been amazing to witness her transformation. She’s a lot more outgoing and more comfortable interacting with others. 

  1. School culture.

KNCPE stretches beyond a place of traditional education and cultivates the whole child while establishing a sense of self and building community. Students immediately learn they’re royalty– budding kings and queens that keep their heads, standards and crowns up high. KNCPE instills students with not only an education, but the strength, resilience and empowerment to thrive in a world that can be challenging. 

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