Senior Year - William - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – William

Finally, 2017 is over and 2018 has started. The most special year of my life because I will be graduating in just 4 months and starting college in the fall.


The thought of being months away from graduation is pretty scary. This is mainly because I will have to start making choices in my life that will have a lasting impact on my life.


Before graduation, though, I must make the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make: deciding which college I will spend the next four years of my life at.

Recently I got accepted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and they gave me a $126,000 scholarship. I also got accepted to Lycoming College and was given a $22,000 scholarship. These two offers have made this decision making process even harder because they both sound so good.


I feel accomplished because it’s evidence that my years of hard work are paying off.


As graduation comes closer, I hope to hear from six more colleges that I applied to as well.