Senior Year - William - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – William

This past month has been filled with nothing but hard and diligent work, as well as some other exciting things.

I received another college acceptance letter. That makes three acceptance so far!

KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School senior, William.

This third acceptance letter is from Belmont University. This is very exciting, because Belmont is a target school for me. It is the first one of my target schools that accepted me, which is a significant milestone. The excitement continues to grow as I wait to hear back from the rest of my applications.

Another thing that excited me this month was that I finally finished applying to all of the colleges on my list. The last application was to University of California- San Diego, which took me a bit of time to complete, but I managed to get it done and have it reviewed before submission.

The final thing that happened this month that brought joy to me and nearly had me in tears was senior pictures. Watching all of my friends and my girlfriend taking their pictures really had me thinking about how much I have grown used to having them in my everyday life. I realized that in a little over five months, we would all be walking across the stage, ending a chapter of our lives that has been filled with ups and downs.

As this chapter ends, we are all slowly starting our own, new adventures, filled with independence as we begin to make our decisions on where we are going to choose to spend the next four, or more, years of our lives.

Looking back at the memories I have shared with many of these people, I can confidently say that we are more than just classmates. We are a family. A family composed of different personalities and backgrounds that all come together to form the class of 2018.