Senior Year - Shelby - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – Shelby

It’s difficult to fathom that I am actually a senior. Freshman year feels like yesterday, when the only students who walked the halls at KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School were part of the class of 2018. Now, there are three other grades below us, and we’re closing in on graduation and freshman year of college.

We’ve come so far and so much has changed.

The biggest thing that gets me is the college application process.  In class this week, we were making an action sheet for when we will get each piece of the application process done. That made me stop for a moment and think about when my younger self dreamed about going to college. When I came back to reality I thought,

KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School senior, Shelby.

“I am really doing this? I am actually applying to college?” The answer is yes. Yes I am.

There are so many memories that I’ve made here at KIPP. Knowing that I am about to leave high school and all of my friends makes me sad, but I it also makes me smile, because I am almost done with high school.

There’s a whole, new adventure waiting for me in college, and I can’t wait to go.

Applying for college kind of scares me, because although I have a good GPA and a high ACT score, I am expecting a full ride to school. I know that the personal statement is important, because it shows off our uniqueness and what makes us stand out from the other applicants. I’ve always felt that there wasn’t much unique about me, but with the support here, I know there are people who will guide me through this process and help me find ways to express my authentic self.

KIPP has truly helped me in my journey through high school, and the things that they have instilled in me will help me in college and beyond.