Senior Year - Shelby - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – Shelby

It is difficult to fathom that I only have five more months of high school. In less than a year, I will be on my own on a college campus.

Just a few days ago, my parents and I were talking about how far away 2018 used to seem. I remember when I first came to KIPP in 5th grade, and they gave me the year 2018. I thought that I had such a long time until I went to college. Looking back, it seems like the time flew by. It feels like I was in 9th grade just a few weeks ago.

Now I am receiving college acceptance letters, applying for scholarships, and thinking about prom dresses.

The next step in my life is a lot closer than I anticipated. It is both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

I think the hardest part about going to college will be time management. I’m not going to have class every day and I will have a lot more free time.

In 10th grade, when I would have something due days later, I would put it off because I thought I had plenty time. I would end up scrambling to finish the assignment the day before. I was aware that this kind of behavior would detrimental in college; therefore, I tried to get out of that habit. It took all of junior year and the beginning of senior year to break it, but now I am able to tackle my assignments early and do them over a period of time so I won’t be overwhelmed with work the day before it is due.

I know that the amount of free time in college will be different than the amount of free time I currently have, but as long as I keep the same concepts I have now, I will adapt quickly.

As each day passes, college draws nearer and so does my independence. It will be very nerve racking and scary, but I will get through it with the help of my parents and teachers.