Senior Year - Shelby - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – Shelby

Quarter 1 is finally over. So many things have happened in that time.

I took my senior pictures last week. That was a very special time, especially for my Mom.

KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School senior, Shelby.

She didn’t take senior pictures when she was my age, so she said she felt like she was living through me. For me, it emphasized that I was getting older, and I was performing a senior tradition. The next big thing for me is prom, but I still have some time before that.

This week, took our interim assessments (IAs). Our teachers were so kind to us by giving us study hall and a study guide before each test. Thanks to those study guides and previous studying, I managed to do very well on all my tests.

I also finished my college essay and applying to colleges. I wanted to apply to at least two colleges before fall break, and I achieved my goal. I applied to Berry College in Rome, GA and Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. I’m planning on applying to scholarships and three more colleges during fall break.

My top college is Davidson College in Davidson, NC. I love the city and how much the community and students invest in each other.

Davidson is one of the colleges I’m applying to during fall break.

My college counselors help me tremendously through the process. They make sure all parts of my common application and essays are exceptional. I am very grateful for them.

The process is a lot easier with people helping and giving feedback.