Senior Year - Jordan - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – Jordan


There are 108 days until the Class of 2018 will move on from living their childhood to becoming mature young adults.

I, personally, am both prepared and unprepared. I know exactly how I want my future to pan out, but I don’t know if it will work out the way I want it to. I’ve try my hardest everyday this school year to better my grades and improve studying skills so that when I do make that venture to college, I will be prepared.

I will miss all of my friends and teachers who have helped me get as far as I’ve gotten today, like Mr. Graham and Mr. Reilly. I know I’ll keep in touch with all of them if I ever need help with anything.

This quarter seems to be the most important for me because I am planning more for college than I have in the first two. I have begun to plan what classes I’m going to be taking in order to major in political science.

The classes look kinda complex, but I know that I’ll persevere and get through it with no trouble. Many of my friends are also planning to attend the same college as me, so I know I won’t feel out of place when I get there. Having my friends there will allow me to feel comfortable knowing that I am not alone.

On to the topic of school, my grades have been getting better than they have been the past three years at KIPP. I have been understanding more in calculus than I have in the first semester, I have found a new love for piano in Choir, and I’ve been improving my grades overall.

I hope my grades continuously increase over these next 108 days and I hope to build better bonds with my classmates so that, when we do split up for college, nobody will be forgotten and we can continue to be a family.