Senior Year - Elvira - KIPP Nashville

Senior Year – Elvira

My senior year so far can be best described as a roller coaster of emotions. I find myself thinking a lot about graduation day, May 26, 2018, and I also think about all the AP tests I’ll be taking towards the end of the year. I’m happy to leave my high school career; I’ll be done with standardized tests and internal assessments.

I get emotional, however, because I know for a fact I’ll miss my classmates and teachers. I see college as entering a whole different world; I know for a fact I have to be more independent. The thing that triggers my tears is that I know I will finally make my parents proud and happy.

I’m the first of their children to accomplish graduating from high school; it’s something they didn’t accomplish.

KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School senior, Elvira.

It puts a lot of pressure on me. Honestly, I stress myself out a lot every day about colleges, and I fear the rejection from colleges. I keep telling myself that I will cry if a college rejects me.

My classes these year are a lot different from my other three years in high school. I definitely get to breath this year. I feel that gym and choir class really help this year by taking my mind off academics and focusing on myself. In gym class, I focus on trying to do the tasks right and also trying not to run out of breath! Choir class is extremely different; I often find myself trying to play around with my vocals, but I love to see how we are all comfortable enough with each other and allow one another to listen to our singing voice. My hardest class this year is calculus. However, it’s only hard because there are so many rules to memorize and it is so hard for me to keep up! Once I have the rules down, the work becomes so so so much easier. I find it frustrating but fun. That class definitely keeps me on my toes.

My favorite class so far is AP Economics and Government. I believe that’s the class that I really can get out of my comfort zone.

I just love how open we can be allowed to be in the classroom; we can speak out our minds about policies and the government, with respect, of course.I believe that all our opinions are valued in that class.

I’m also taking AP Literature this year, and, so far, I’m loving the course. I think part of that comes from the way my teacher, Ms.Stasik, set up the learning environment; I also think that the books we are reading have a lot to do with my enjoyment of the class. My favorite book so far is Oedipus Rex. It’s a complicated book, but the whole concept of the book just fascinates me.

I honestly cannot wait for graduation day. It seems far away now, but I know these few months will pass by quickly. I also can’t wait to see what colleges will accept me, and I can’t wait to decide on what college I would like to attend.

I hope God keeps everything in hands, and I hope to have a lot of blessings this final year of high school.