Kirkpatrick conversion begins and ends with friendship - KIPP Nashville

Kirkpatrick conversion begins and ends with friendship

Amy Galloway and Mildred Nelson embrace like old friends.

Maybe there should be animosity between the two. After all, Galloway will lead Kirkpatrick Enhanced Option Elementary’s transition to a KIPP Nashville charter next year, in turn displacing Nelson as principal.

Instead, there are jokes and laughter between them.

“I know she likes Disney songs,” Nelson says, prompting a smile from her counterpart.

“I do,” Galloway says then laughs. “I know all the lyrics to ‘Colors of the Wind.’”

In the midst of a fight between school traditionalists and reformists are Galloway and Nelson, who will work together as principals under the same roof until KIPP fully assumes responsibility in the 2018-19 school year.

There is no war between the two or even a hint of disdain. It’s a union of like minds working toward the same goal — educating children.

“It is not about charter or public,” Nelson said. “It’s about the child.”

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