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KIPP students are on the path to college from day one.

KIPP Through College’s Mission

The mission of KIPP Through College is to support and cultivate in our students, alumni and their families the essential knowledge and character traits necessary for success in high school, college, and life beyond.

Why KIPP Through College Matters

Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to graduate from college and enter a rewarding career. Unfortunately, youth from underserved communities often face a different reality. Across the U.S., less than 10% of students from low-income families earn college degrees.

KIPP Through College supports KIPP high school students and alumni in developing the tools and knowledge needed to attain a college degree. The KTC team works in conjunction with KIPP Nashville schools to ensure that all students have the access, skills and resources necessary to navigate to and through college into self-sufficient adulthood. It is the goal of KIPP Nashville for all of our alumni to graduate from high school, matriculate to college, and obtain a college diploma.

How KIPP Through College Works

The KTC team works with KIPP Nashville students from 8th grade until they graduate from college. We provide support to students who attend KIPP Collegiate High School as well as alumni from our middle schools KIPP Academy Nashville and KIPP Nashville College Prep. Once our alumni graduate from high school, KTC continue to support and collaborate with them on their path toward college completion and self-sustaining careers.

At the national level, KIPP has created college partnerships with the institutions that share our belief that a student’s zip code and family income should not dictate whether he or she attains a degree. Partner universities commit to not only admitting KIPP students, but also providing critical resources once those students are on campus to ensure that the students remain on track for a college degree. Current KIPP college partners include Vanderbilt University, Spelman College, Franklin and Marshall College, Colby College, and many more.

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Student Spotlight

Meet Cassaundra Lockridge – member of the KIPP Academy Nashville Class of 2013! She graduated from Hanover College in 2017 with a degree in political science and history.

“I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without KTC. KIPP was there to keep me focused and help me on my journey to and through college.”

Cassaundra plans to get her master’s degree or a PhD in social justice.

 “I would love to be able to positively affect public policy and help different communities.”

High School Support: supporting students in their high school decisions: determining which high schools to attend, course choices and guidance toward academic success.

Pre-College Opportunities: KTC posts opportunities for students to explore college early and often included pre-college summer programs, college presentations, college trips, college fairs, and more!

Preparing for the Cost of College: College is expensive and it is never too early to start saving and applying for scholarships. KTC works with KIPP schools to support a College Savings initiative and a financial literacy curriculum.

Parent and Community Engagement: KTC provides workshops and invites guest speakers to assist parents in guiding their students through the college process.

College Counseling: In high school, KTC exposes students to a variety of colleges, helping them build a college wish list and supporting students through the application and financial aid process. We assist students and families in determining and matriculating to their best fit college.

College Persistence: KTC supports on their path through college by helping students choose courses and exploring majors, completing the FAFSA and exploring summer internships and careers. Helping students find a path back to post-secondary education or with training and skills that leads to a full-time job.

Where Our Alumni Are Attending College