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Online Learning for Current KIPP Nashville Students

To log in, use your school email account that ends in and school password. If you don’t know your account information, contact your school.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2021-2022 School Year in Grades K-12


KIPP Nashville teachers receive high-quality development at the local and national level.

KIPP Nashville teachers

Your School

We believe the most effective, applicable professional development is often provided in-house. We start off the year with 2-3 weeks of PD in July to ensure that we are united and prepared to welcome students into the building. During the year, you can anticipate having weekly check-ins with your coach – these frequent, specific coaching cycles allow teachers to reflect and improve quickly. Each Wednesday, our students dismiss at 1:30 and staff come together to reflect as a group as well as meet in content and intervention teams. As our schools continue to grow, there is opportunity to take on additional responsibilities such as Grade Level Chair or teacher-coach, as well as eventually pursuing school leadership positions.

The KIPP Nashville Region

Beyond the development offered at your school site, the KIPP Nashville region consists of 4 schools and a central School Support Team. Each month, one of our professional development Wednesdays is dedicated for teachers across the region to gain content-specific PD and learn from peers at other schools. On our School Support Team, our Curriculum & Assessment team provides curricular guidance, data support and develops benchmark assessments to ensure that our curriculum is aligned, rigorous and normed across our region.

The National KIPP Network

At KIPP Nashville, your team extends to the 183 KIPP schools that fall under the KIPP Foundation umbrella, our national organization that provides support and guidance in our work. Each year they provide targeted professional development as well as renowned leadership development for those who wish to pursue school leadership. As part of the KIPP network, staff receive access to KIPP Share, a resource-sharing and communication platform to leverage tools from other regions and establish connections.

Join Our Team

If you share a belief in KIPP’s mission, if you thrive in a joyful environment that is both collaborative and entrepreneurial, then you are already a KIPP teacher.