Day in the Life - KIPP Nashville Teachers

Day in the Life

KIPP Nashville teachers experience a full day of instruction, interaction, and professional development in a supportive, growth-minded environment.

A Day at Kirkpatrick

Dayna Perry, Kindergarten Teacher & Grade Level Chair

KIPP Kirkpatrick serves students in kindergarten and 1st grade, and will continue to add one grade per year until 2018, when it will enroll students through the 4th grade. Dayna, who began her career as an Associate Teacher at another KIPP school, is in her 6th year of teaching.

A Day at a KIPP Nashville Middle School

Chelsea Goodly, 6th grade ELA at KIPP Academy Nashville

After graduating from Vanderbilt, Chelsea chose to give back to Nashville through teaching. KIPP Nashville has two middle schools — KIPP Academy Nashville and KIPP Nashville College Prep.

A Day at KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School

Nelson Graham, 10th Grade, Algebra II

Part of Collegiate’s founding team, Nelson is entering his 4th year in the classroom and also supports a teacher new to KIPP through direct coaching.

At KIPP Nashville, we’re constantly learning, evolving, and refining skills, for the betterment of our KIPPsters and their families, our colleagues, and ourselves. With a high emphasis on professional development, we provide the resources you need to ensure you’re always growing.